Transferring images to an iPad with an SD Card reader dongle

  1. After completing all flights, remove memory card from the DJI drone and insert it into the SD Card dongle connected to the iPad
  2. The Apple "Photos" screen will pop up showing images to be imported. Select desired images and hit “Import Selected” or hit “Import All”
  3. Return to Site Scan app, go to Flights and select the desired flight from the list
  4. In the upper right corner, hit the 3 dots and a pop up menu will appear. Select “Import Images”
  5. Images will be imported into Site Scan and can be uploaded them to Site Scan manager.

iPad's SD Card reader dongle shown below:

Step by step instructions here: 

  • Insert the SD card in the dongle and connect the dongle to the iPad. A screen will appear asking you to import the pictures.
  • You can either import all the images or select the ones you recently took with Site Scan.
  • After you've selected the images click"import all" or "Import Selected"
  • Let the images transfer to your iPad then a window will appear asking you to keep or delete the recently transferred images (deleted from the SD card).
  • Go back to the Site Scan App and hit "Import Images"
  • Wait for Site Scan to populate the images then the button to upload to the cloud will appear.

Uploading Images More Rapidly to Site Scan Manager

Site Scan Field includes a quick upload option that compresses the images on the tablet by a factor of seven before uploading. This dramatically speeds upload at the expense of introducing potential compression artifacts that affect the quality of the final images. To enable this feature, navigate to the General Settings Menu and slide Quick Upload Compressed Images to the right.

Deleting Images Flow

In our app

  1. If flight images are fully downloaded into our app, select flight and hit “…” on the upper right corner
  2. Tap “Remove Media”
  3. User should see 1 or more alerts asking to remove images. Just confirm deleting in all of them

In camera roll

If you wish to delete all Site Scan photos:

  1. Open Photos app and go into Site Scan folder
  2. Inside Site Scan folder, tap all photos
  3. On the upper right corner, tap “Select” and then “Select All”
  4. Tap the trash icon on the upper left corner and select “Delete ‘X’ Photos”, where X is the number of images

If you wish to delete certain Site Scan photos:

  1. Go into: Photos app -> Site Scan folder -> Project folder -> Select desired Mission album
  2. On the upper right corner, tap “Select” and then “Select All”
  3. Tap the trash icon on the upper left corner, select “Delete” and then select “Delete ‘X’ Photos”, where X is the number of images

Deleting folders

  1. Open Photos app
  2. If want to remove Site Scan Folder: Tap the upper right corner “Edit”, tap the red icon on top of the folder, and then confirm “Delete”
  3. If user wants to delete Project or Mission folder, go into Site Scan folder or project folder and repeat the above process for desired folders.

Note 1: Deleting the folder/album won’t delete the photos inside of it from Camera Roll, so usually we recommend deleting empty folders.

Note 2:  If user deletes a folder that had images in it, once you select that Mission again in Site Scan, if images are still in the camera roll, Site Scan will recreate those folders and move those images back to them.

Cleaning Trash

  1. Open Photos App and select “Recently Deleted” folder
  2. On the upper right corner tap “Select”
  3. On the upper left corner tap “Delete” and then select “Delete ‘X’ Photos”, where X is the number of images.

We recommend users to clean trash once in a while to prevent high usage of storage.

Note: Apple will automatically clean images in trash that have been there for more than 30 days.

Note 2: If users delete photos by accident, they can always check if they are still inside of “Recently Deleted” and recover those images.

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