How is my data handled in the field?

  • Flight planning data is transmitted from Site Scan to the Solo via a WPA2 compliant network and is encrypted. WPA2 goes beyond a password-protected network. It requires the network to use an encryption method called CCMP (Counter-Mode with CBC-MAC Protocol), which is based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), a stronger encryption algorithm than RC4 (previously used encryption).
  • Sony UMC-R10CImagery and data is transferred from camera to tablet via WPA2 compliant network and is encrypted

Is my data safe in the cloud?

  • When the tablet is connected to your corporate network, it adopts the security of that network.
  • Data transmitted to and from the 3DR Cloud is encrypted. 3DR maintains an EV SSL certificate on both the Site Scan web app and With HTTPS, your data is never sent to the network in the clear.

Where is Site Scan data stored / data residency?

  • Site Scan is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS),  the leading online cloud service provider for both computing and data storage. All data and metadata is stored securely on AWS and 3DR has no data centers outside of the USA or any backup systems outside of the USA.

What can I do to protect my data?

  • It’s important to use a strong password that you don’t use for any other service. Do not use a password that is easy to guess or share your account credentials.

Who owns my data? Who can use the data I collect?

  • We are committed to keeping your data private. Per Section 3 of the 3DR Enterprise License Agreement, your organization is the sole owner of data you collect. 3DR R&D has a license to customer data solely to improve the performance, quality, and functionality of the Site Scan service, to bring customers greater reliability and success. 3DR cannot and will not use or publish your data for any purpose without your express permission.
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