Flight Plans

Often you will need to fly sites without access to wifi or a cellular network. Or you may need to plan a flight for a team member on a site far away from HQ. There are many use cases for Flight Plans and we’re sure you will come up with more. Below are different uses for Flight Plans and how to create them.

Flight Plans use cases

  1. Flying a site without access to wifi or a cellular network
  2. Planning a flight for someone else to fly in a different location
  3. Planning a flight in the office to be flown at a later date
  4. Ensuring that data is collected the same way every time
  5. Saving a completed flight that you will want to fly again

Plan flights from the home screen.

From the home screen

  1. Select Flight Plans from the home screen
  2. Select a flight mode
  3. Name your flight plan and select a location
  4. Tap “Next” and the Flight Plan will be saved
  5. Edit the polygon over your site then tap Save Flight Plan in the top right corner

Tap Save Flight Plan in the top right corner

While planning

  1. Select a flight mode on the home screen
  2. Name the flight and select a location
  3. Adjust the map, flight path, and settings
  4. Tap Save Flight Plan in the top right corner

Enter a name and save.

After flying

After the vehicle lands select Save as Flight Plan. This works for new flights and reflying existing flights.

Important notes

  1. Refly can still be accessed with tab at the top of the Flight Plans menu.
  2. Download maps in the Flight Plans menu for use offline. This will save the map at the location and zoom level on the screen with the flight path.
  3. Only the name of a Flight Plan can be edited without creating a new plan. This ensures data is consistent for future analysis.
  4. Flight Plans can be duplicated and renamed if you want the path to be the same but the flight settings to be different.
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