With the Camera Control Web App, advanced users have the ability to:

  • Manually download images directly from Solo
  • Change camera settings

Accessing the Camera Control Web App

  1. Turn on both Solo and Controller. Wait until they connect.
  2. Connect your Computer to the SoloLink Wi-Fi network. (“No Internet Connection” warning is expected)
  3. Open a web browser such Safari or Chrome, enter “″ in the address bar.

The Beta Camera Control Web App will appear.

Manual Image Download

  1. Scroll down to the Media State option.
  2. Set it to “on” by activating the toggle to the ON position and clicking the Set button.
  3. Click the Refresh button found at the bottom of the webpage and wait for the pictures to be populated below. You may need to refresh the page if the list is not populated after a couple of minutes

56164a74-dcce-4303-971D-ec0c3e3136da in this example, is the mission ID. The combination of numbers and letters will be different for each mission.
DSC#####.JPG is the name of each picture.

The images can be downloaded by clicking on each link or using a link downloader such as the Chrome extension uSelect iDownload (not available for iOS).
Note: “Media State” must be turned off to capture images or change camera settings.

Custom camera settings

  1. Change desired camera settings from dropdown menu. We only recommend changing Exposure Mode, Shutter speed, ISO, Aperture and/or EV.
  2. Press “Set” to save each change. 
  3. Refresh page to confirm that changes have taken effect.Note: Camera settings will return to default every time Solo restarts.
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