1. Complete a Flight
  2. Tap the "Flights" icon
  3. Select your Flight
  4. Tap the “...” button on the top right corner, tap “Advanced Info”
  5. Tap “List of Photos” to see the file names. Make a note of the first and last photo names
  6. Take the drone SD Card out, put it in a USB dongle and insert it in your PC (best for most DJI vehicles)
  7. In Drone2Map, load photos and navigate to the SD Card folder and import the flight photos based on filename

Optional step 6 good for Solo R10C, Yuneec H520-G, P4Pro V2, and Mavic Pro V2:

  1. Download the photos from the drone into Site Scan - Limited Edition using the Get Images button 
  2. The photos will be in downloaded from the drone into the iPad Photos camera roll 
  3. Plug the iPad into the PC
  4. Using Windows 10 Explore or Drone2Map you can locate flight files by name and date for importing (Explorer->This PC->Apple iPad->DCIM, search by date or filename)


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