Site Scan now allows users to plan flights on the web app. 

This new feature is helpful for many reasons:

  • You can plan flights both in the Field app and the Manager app
  • You can plan a flight from HQ and a teammate can execute the flight plan at the jobsite
  • You can plan a flight ahead of time with orthos, overlays, and GCPs
  • You don't need iPad access to plan a flight
  • Anyone with a full-access Site Scan account can create a flight plan in Manager, which allows more cross-team functionality and collaboration

Here is a step by step guide on how to create a flight plan on the web.

First, you'll need to log into your Site Scan account. Once you've logged in, navigate to the Projects section on the primary sidebar.

Now select any of the projects under your organization. You don't need to be a project administrator to create a flight plan.

Once you've selected the project you want to create a flight plan for, you'll be able to navigate to the Flight Plans section on the top left corner and view any previously planned flights (all of these will be available on your Site Scan Field app).

When you click on the blue "New Flight Plan" button on the top right corner you'll be taken to the map screen for your project and be allowed to pick the type of flight you want to plan: Area Survey, Crosshatch Survey, or Inspect Mode. A blue checkmark will appear next to the Flight Mode you select. 

Tap Next so you can draw your Flight Path and select any map layers, including GCPs, previously created orthos, or any of the overlays you've already uploaded. If you want to restore the flight path to its original layout, you can use the Undo button on the bottom left of the screen.

When you're happy with your flight path and have toggled all the necessary layers for your flight, you can click on the settings button and update any of the flight settings, including altitude, gimbal angle, hatch angle, photo overlap, side overlap, return altitude, video mode on or off, camera model being used, and first waypoint (closest or furthest). 

Once you've edited your flight settings, click "Save Flight Plan" and choose the name you'd like to keep so the rest of your team can easily access it.

This flight plan will now be conveniently accessible on the web and on the iPad app. You can easily duplicate or delete your new Flight Plan by navigating to the flight plans section of your project and tapping the ellipses symbol. 

Here's a short overview video on how to plan a flight in Manager:

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