Site Scan's Vertical Scan flight mode allows customers to safely and reliably scan vertical facades like mine walls, bridges, dams, buildings, and towers. This is a short walk through of Vertical Scan on the iPad.


  1. Update Site Scan to the newest version
  2. Open the Site Scan iPad app
  3. Select Vertical Scan from the flight modes screen
  4. Type a name for the flight (optional)
  5. Type in the address or closest city to your flight's location. Then use the map to zoom to the specific flight area.
  6. Tap "Next" in the bottom left corner to go to the 2D settings screen
  7. Adjust the horizontal line using the three vertices (white circles) so that the line runs along the wall of the region of interest (ROI) you are trying to capture. No offset needed yet. The green triangles indicate which direction the drone will be facing.
  8. You can adjust the path flight settings on the 2D view or 3D view on the next screen. Once the flight path is parallel to the wall you want to scan tap "Next" in the bottom left corner.
  9. On the 3D flight planning screen you can adjust Offset, Min ROI Elevation, Max ROI Elevation, Minimum Altitude, Maximum Altitude, and Travel Altitude and enable your overlays. Definitions for each are below.
  10. To reduce the flight time and number of images you can increase the "Offset".
  11. Additional visual flight path settings can be accessed by tapping the settings button (gear icon) in the top left corner of the 3D map viewer. Enable the "Camera Projection" at the bottom of the settings menu and adjust the distance to visualize the area of the ROI's facade that will be captured will be captured by every photo.
  12. If you need to adjust your horizontal flight path tap the "<" button at the top of the left sidebar.
  13. After finalizing the settings in the 3D flight planning view tap "Next" to go to the pre-flight checklist.
  14. Make sure your iPad is plugged into the controller and connected to the drone. Check one last time for any potential obstacles above you and on the flight path to your region of interest. When ready slide the bar below the checklist to take-off.

Settings definitions

Important: use these settings to minimize the amount of sky captured in your photos and avoid other obstacles while scanning vertical structures.

  • Offset: horizontal distance from drone to the ROI's facade. Increase the offset to reduce flight time.
  • Min ROI Elevation: the lowest elevation for the region of interest.
  • Max ROI Elevation: the highest elevation for the region of interest.
  • Minimum Altitude: the minimum altitude the drone is allowed to fly. Can be set to 20' if the Min ROI is set to 0'.
  • Maximum Altitude: the maximum altitude the drone is allowed to fly, which is 623'.
  • Travel Altitude: the height the drone will fly to after takeoff and maintain until it reaches the region of interest.
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