Site Scan now allows users to store different Ground Control Point sets within the same project.
This update is particularly helpful for large job sites that are split into multiple areas and require different GCPs, or for job sites that change rapidly and require new GCPs. 

To upload and save multiple GCP sets in one of your projects, first navigate to your projects tab on the main sidebar, then select the project in which you'd like to add a new GCP set.

Once you're in the project dashboard, select the GCPs tab from the menu.

Within that section of your project dashboard, you'll be able to upload a new GCP set by clicking on the top right green button. 

A pop-up modal will appear, which will let you select a known or custom coordinate system for your GCP set, a name, and the vertical units you'd like to use (meters, standard foot, U.S. survey foot). You can upload .txt or .csv files containing your new GCP set coordinate points. 

Once you've saved your latest GCP set, it will appear at the top of the "All GCP Sets" section with the uploaded date (which is used to organize all your sets), name (if provided), amount of GCPs included in the set, coordinate system associated with it, and an editing modal.

The editing modal will let you change any GCP information without having to upload a new .txt or .csv file. 

Once you have multiple GCP sets in a project, you can select which of these sets you'd like to use as a default by clicking on the top right button Edit Default GCP Set and choosing from the provided dropdown:

The selected GCP set will now be used as the default across all new flights in your project.

If you reprocess an old flight that had a different set of GCPs, it will be reprocessed with the new default set. 

However, if you wish to have a different GCP set attached to a specific flight that's different than the project default GCP set, you can do so by navigating to that specific flight, toggling on the Ground Control Points layer, and selecting your desired GCP set for that specific flight. 

Even if you change the project default GCP set, that flight will still maintain the GCP set you selected for it, unless you decide to process the flight again. 

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