To use the these tool make sure to enable it on under "User Settings"

Select the feature and switch on Pavement Inspection 

To optimize results with pavement inspection, it is recommended to perform flights at a low altitude (50-80 ft) to ensure good photo quality.

Expand the Pavement Inspection tab on the Layers menu by clicking on the label.

You’ll need to create a new boundary area to process the Ortho and highlight the fractures. The tool can be started by clicking the “Draw a new polygon” label inside the menu.

The boundary is created by using the volume tool and drawing a polygon on the Ortho, start drawing by left clicking on the map and complete the polygon by double left clicking or pressing enter.
Make sure that the polygon does not cover the whole area, we recommend focusing only on roads and creating small polygons to make sure processing will be successful.

Once you create the polygon, it will appear on the drop-down menu inside the Pavement Inspection tool, select it and start processing the area.

Depending on the size of the area, it might take some time to process, give it a couple of minutes and then refresh the website. You’ll know when the file is ready when the processing icon disappears from the Pavement Inspection tool.

After the area is processed, the fractures will be highlighted and the linework can be exported as an SHP file.

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