The Corridor Scan flight mode is designed to safely and reliably capture long & narrow areas like highways, runways, pipelines, canals, etc. This is a short walk through of the Corridor Scan feature for the Site Scan Field app.

Flight Planning

  1. Update the Site Scan Field app to the latest version.
  2. Open the Site Scan Field app.
  3. Select Corridor Scan from the flight modes screen.
  4. Type a name for the flight (optional).
  5. Type in the address or closest city to your flight's location then use the map viewer to pan and zoom to the specific flight area.
  6. Tap "Next" in the bottom left corner to go to the 2D settings screen.
  7. Trace the centerline of the flight polygon so that it is directly above the area of interest you want to scan. Hint: You can double tap the white circles on either end of the centerline to delete them.
  8. Set the approximate width of the area of interest you want to scan.
  9. Select "yes" on "Fly over corridor" if you are allowed to fly over the area of interest otherwise select "no" to safely fly along the sides of the area of interest. 
  10. If you selected "yes" on "Fly over corridor" you need to adjust the flight altitude keeping in mind any possible obstacles in or around the flight area (billboards, transmission towers, etc.)
  11. If you selected "No" on "Fly over corridor" your drone will fly alongside the area of interest, you can enter an offset distance between the drone's flight path and the scan area and you will also need to select a "minimum flight altitude" and "maximum flight altitude".
  12. (Optional) The side and overlap values are already optimized but you can change them if needed via the "Advanced" menu just like with other flight modes.
  13. (Optional) You can inspect your flight grid in 3D mode via the toggle switch located in the mapviewer, this will let you assess your drone's flight path.

After setting all flight parameters you will be able to save the flight plan and/or execute the flight. 

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