Site Scan now uses computer vision to detect certain types of ground control points in aerial photos. The model is trained to detect orange spray painted X's and white and black checkerboard patterns. Overall detection becomes more as more photos are processed with our model.


When GCPs have been autodetected in a flight, and their is already a GCP set uploaded to that project, there will be an additional button in the Ground Control Point layer dropdown called "Review Detected GCPs".

After you select to review, you will see all of the flights image thumbnails with GCP's auto detected or estimated. You will see the total amount of GCPs detected, the date of upload for the projects GCP set, and the amount of images a single photo was detected or estimated to be found.

Types of Detection

There are two types of detection in Site Scan's computer vision GCP workflow: detected and estimated.

An image with a detected GCP is automatically selected for processing.

An image with a estimated GCP is automatically deselected and won't be used in processing, but you can select and adjust the image if a GCP exists. "Estimated" means a GCP wasn't detected but could exist in the image.

Adjust & Process GCPs 

If you need to adjust any images, simply move image in the thumbnail to align the center of the GCP to the green or white crosshair. For a closer look, select the top left expand icon for the image to expand.

To finish, select Process to process your flight with these tagged GCPs or Save for later to review GCPs at a different time.  

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